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Prior to hiring Oxford Commercial our two office buildings always had a pretty large vacancy rate, 20% to 30%. Oxford Commercial has our occupancy rate up to about 100% now. They are keeping all the tenants happy and updating the rents so that everyone is paying the market rate.
Office Building Owner

I needed someone who could manage our buildings in a sane and profitable way and who could stay on top of things and keep good records.  Oxford Commercial has met all of those conditions very, very well.
Trustee, Family Real Estate Trust

Oxford Commercial's mission is to produce the best possible results for our clients by maximizing operational efficiencies and creating a quality environment for tenants.

We apply our extensive market knowledge, high standards and sound decision-making to each opportunity as it arises. We are continually enhancing our service capabilities to ensure the best service to our clients and the tenants that inhabit their properties. Our organization is built on the skill and expertise of goal-oriented professionals whose primary focus is to deliver superior service. We enhance value through active day-to-day managment that focuses on maintianing high levels of occupancy and teenant satisfaction while lowering property costs.

In today's financial environment, real esate assets must be aggressively and professionally managed if they are to acheive the best possible returns for owners and investors,and compete effectively for investment capital. Oxford Commercial strives to enhance and protect the real estate assets of our clients by focusing on their financial performance. We serve both individual and institutional owners and investors. As a result, we are equipped to address diverse ownership objectives and servicing requirements.

For information on our professional Property Management Services please contact Michael Whitehair.

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